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Ramsay Swim Learn to Swim Program

Our Learn to Swim Program commences once your child has completed our Baby Program or from 3 years of age. This program is designed to continually develop the swimmers safety skills as well as their swimming technique until they are ready for a squad program.

This program operates between the hours of 9am and 2pm Monday to Friday for our Pre School aged swimmers and school aged swimmers can attend lessons between the hours of 3pm and 5.30pm.

Alternatively if you are not wanting to attend morning and afternoon lessons we do run lessons on Saturday for all our swimmers between the hours on 7am and 12pm.

(Click on the levels below for further explanation)

Level 1:
3.5 years and over
Water Safety, body position, floating
30 minutes
Level 2:
Body position, front and back kicking techniques, breathing techniques, overarms
30 minutes
Level 3:
Incorporation of overarms and breathing, back arms
30 minutes
Level 4:
Development of freestyle and backstroke technique
30 minutes
Level 5:
Continued development of freestyle and backstroke technique, introduction of breaststroke and butterfly.
30 minutes
Level 6:
Development of all 4 strokes.
45 minutes
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